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Oishii Sushi Bar, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

December 15, 2016

One of the few sushi places where you can have a few fusion twist on your typical sushi rolls. With friendly customer service and also free refill of green tea, it doesn't matter whether you come here for lunch or dinner. An extensive menu of not only sushi dishes but also salads and entrees including mains with noodles or rice is available to suit your tastebuds and to share. 


Somehow we always end up ordering the same thing but since I was with mum during that day, I decided to order what she should try during her first visit here. Ordering two at first seems a bit small but then when we ordered the third sushi roll, we realised we should've stuck with just two sushi rolls next time. Maybe we just weren't having a big empty belly that time..

'Himawari' (AUD$11) would be one of their signature sushi rolls I would have to say. So for those who have never been, this is a must try. Deep fried marinated chicken pieces with avocado paste wrapped around a thin omelette, seasoned with rice seasoning and seaweed flakes. The crispy deep fried chicken has that salty but yet subtle taste and the crispy-ness of the chicken was not too oily. Having the avocado paste calms it down and the slightly salted thin omelette just makes picking up the sushi pieces easier. I would recommend picking up the sushi piece with your chopsticks and dipping it on the scattered rice seasoning as well as the mayo drizzle underneath to give it that extra crunch.

'Snake roll' (AUD$15) may not be everyone's favourite specially for those who isn't a Salmon fan or find having deep fried sushi may be a bit awkward. But I guess, who doesn't like Salmon? The filling of the roll is a medium rare salmon, tobiko and avocado wrapped in a Salmon skin tempura (yum!) and drizzled in wasabi mayonnaise. I did feel that it is great that they did not drizzle the mayonnaise on top but allowed people who would like more to dip their piece to the wasabi mayonnaise themselves. A crispy texture in every bite you take but then is balanced with the medium rare salmon and avocado inside.

'Black Dragon' (AUD$15) is the only eel sushi there is on the menu, with egg and cucumber filling inside topped with Unagi (BBQ Eel) seasoned with white sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. Although the teriyaki sauce isn't as strong as some, I did enjoy it best this way as it allowed you to enjoy the true nature and texture as well as the smoothness of the Unagi meat. Having the egg and cucumber filling definitely bring out the best of the Unagi as it was  a light bite but refreshing at the same time.

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