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Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

December 31, 2016

Magnum cafe isn't something you find everyday anywhere. What makes it different is that you are able to customize and personalize your own ice cream the way you want it, the way you like it here. Magnum has always been famous for their signature chocolate coated vanilla ice cream down at your usual grocery stores. If you're not up for anything sweet, they do also have some savoury items on the menu such as pasta or salads.

'De rainbow District' (IDR55k =~AUD$5.5) consisted of rainbow cake with colour coated vanilla Magnum stick with whipped cream. The rainbow cake tasted like sponge cake with cream in between but it was rather too sweet to my liking. The sponge cake also seemed liked they had just used food colouring for its colours.

'Pancake de Ostend' (IDR55k =~AUD$5.5) has a trio of mini pancakes with mini Magnum vanilla stick, strawberry, blueberry and peanut butter filling. The whole dish was plated nicely with a mini jug of chocolate sauce and a small drizzle on the side of the chocolate sauce.

The two mini Magnum ice cream sticks were just Vanilla flavoured but their coating was one, milk chocolate with chocolate rice bubbles whilst the other, dark chocolate topped with almonds. It is rather quite hard to share these so do expect them to melt in a way when you're trying to slice it or use a fork to half it.

The mini pancakes were fluffy and petite with a slice of strawberry, banana and blueberry on top of each. They were quite bland in a way but when the chocolate sauce is poured on top, it blends in well and gives it a nice dipping sauce.

'French Fries' served on a long basket with bits of seaweed and a dipping sauce of mayo on the side. Some were crispy but some soggy but nothing special and I would probably stick with their sweet menu or other savoury dishes next time and wouldn't count on this as a good snack to share.

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