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Union, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

December 27, 2016

Union cafe has been one of the most popular places to dine their savoury dishes but more towards their sweet side with their signature cake, the Red Velvet cake which boomed the social media since it came out. It has made many people wanting to come in, book a table and most of the times having to wait 30mins or 1 hour or even 2 hours to get themselves a table.

As we were here for coffee and cake, the drinks we ordered were 'Cappucinno' (IDR40k ~ AUD$4) and 'Latte' (IDR40k ~ AUD$4). The drinks were just okay, nothing special but as usual when ordering with coffee, it all depends on the barista who is making the coffee as well as the coffee beans used and how they have been roasted.

'Peanut Butter and Jam' (IDR ~ AUD$) had a soft and fluffy texture as they had a sponge cake base with jam in between. The sides of the cake had a peanut icing as well as crushed peanuts coating. I did feel that this cake was overall a much yummier cake to have than their signature cake, the Red Velvet. Though many may object to this, but I did feel that this cake was more unique and different. You would taste the sweetness from the peanut butter and the strawberry jam but was balanced with the vanilla sponge cake.

'Red Velvet cake' (IDR60k ~ AUD$6) is Union's signature cake which made them famous and a popular place to eat or mostly, to just try this specific cake. I did find that it isn't as wow as people have said about it but I do have to say, compared to the other Red Velvet cakes I have tried in Jakarta, it is one of the best, if not, the best. This cake has been their hyped up cake since the 2010's. Up to today, they seem to have maintained their consistency of the quality and the flavour of the cake as well as creating the new Red Velvet pie which some has said may be better than this.

The sides had crushed peanuts and what seemed to be crushed biscuits as well coating it overall even the top of the cake. The red velvet sponge cake had a dense texture with cream cheese that was quite sweet than usual in between. Red Velvet cakes is known to have a chocolate base but since its colour was quite red, I am unsure if they have heavily used or dependent on red food colouring or not.

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