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Hatch & Co. - Gasworks, Newstead, Brisbane

November 22, 2018

Still a good area to go to either dine or just the supermarket, specially when the Standard Market Company is there, gosh. But anyway, coming here sometimes can be a hit and miss, so far that we've been here anyway..

To start off, we decided on a small plate of Seared lamb loin, tahini, pickled eggplant served with warm pita. The portion was decent especially to share but having it for oneself as an entree may just make you not be able to finish your whole main dish. The warm pita bread had the slight charring which was nice to see, a whole pita sliced into four.

The seared meat was nicely seared but was a tad cold. Making it into some sort of a wrap with the pita bread seemed liked an easy option and a quick way to eat it, so we went with that. It was definitely good. There was enough sauce to go on to every single slice of meat and enough greens to go with it too.


Deciding on a pizza is quite hard, especially when there is more than one that you want but then, you know you can only just fit one in your tummy.. So we opted for the Marinated mushrooms, roast garlic, chilli and smoked mozarella, for something that will not be too heavy nor too light.

The mushrooms was placed pleasantly in each slice with hints of thinly sliced chilli topping it all off. The smoked mozarella wasn't very apparent but it was cheesy, yes. The roast garlic was also quite subtle in which we were expecting a stronger sense of garlic.

The dough had the crispy edges but soft when you get to the centre, however, we did think it was a bit too thin that you weren't able to pick up a slice and simply bite it.

A pasta dish to just ease our wants, the only pasta dish I thought we ordered doesn't seem quite match with the one on the menu, so the unknown pasta had herbs, shredded parmesan, sausage and cherry tomatoes. I remember it having a hint of chilli, but not too strong.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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