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The Pie Tin - Newtown, Sydney

November 05, 2018

Unaware of such a place and wondering if we had one in Brissie, we were on our way here to have a nibble and to grab a coffee. Offering both sweet and savoury pies of which changes in a rotational basis, they are told to be handmade and baked fresh daily on premises. When you enter, you see yourself in an exposed brick wall surrounding, wooden tables with steel chairs and a single cashier point. 

A rather confusing sign at first, having three different pricing on one board. Had to ask what the $7.95 was and what the $8.95 was. Below is the amount of sweet pies on offer, so from the very sweet to the not-so-sweet, it will sure to please anyone of any ages.

Located in the corner, it may be easily missed but not if you look closely for the below sign. It isn't that big of a place but you will see how busy it gets inside once you go in.

Starting off with their classic, signature pie, 'The Pie that ate Newtown' of which is fresh apples poached in spiced butter served in a sweetened pastry. The portion was.... enormous. No other words to describe it but that. Served with a dollop of fresh cream, it gave that extra creaminess as the apple pie is yes, definitely heavy. The sugared crust was a bit dry for my liking but the amount of apple and spice-ness, made it all worthwhile.

I didn't end up getting one for my own, as we thought we'd share instead of being too full for dinner. And yes, a good decision that was. Wouldn't even mind buying a whole pie and shipping it over here but I guess that won't happen. For its price and portion, not too sure if I've been successful to get that here in Brissie.

Ordered 'Chai Tea' to go along with the pies but then, it seemed it was sweet on top of sweet, spice on top of spice. So I opted with water as we tried to gobble through it all.

'American Style Pumpkin' was a unique item of which you don't see around too often, especially in bakeries and pie stores where most or if not, all of their pies would be filled with fruity fruits. Although it was not as strong as I thought it would be, the pumpkin had a slight and enough sweetness overall complemented well with the sweet pastry crust. Something that yes, I would order again.

They not only sell sweet pies but also savoury pies such as below;

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