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Hello Harry - Portside Wharf, Hamilton, Brisbane

November 18, 2018

Imagine a burger joint with neon lights, graffiti walls, good ol' burgers and beers... draft beers. If you've never visited Hello Harry before for their burgers, then, maybe you should. There are a few burger joints that are in the hype at the moment which we honestly am not a big fan of when others are.. maybe our preference with burgers are just different than the norm. But anyway, they offer a very direct and simple menu with all meats, dressings, marinades and salts made in house.

Starting off the night with a draft beer, crisp and fresh, it allows the night to just get better. I mean, come on.. it's Beer.

The 'Sweet Potato Fries' didn't come with any sauce but was well seasoned throughout the bowl. There was a time before hand or maybe it was after, that when we ordered the same sweet potato fries, it did not flow up to the very top, it was just at the borderline of the top of the bowl and that was it.. and since the bottom was basically the stuffed paper lining, it felt that the amount of fries you do get can be a bit small for the price you pay. But this time, it was a bit different or maybe they've just presented it in a way where it may have looked like a lot when it's not.

Always going for the classics, the basics and their signature, the Mr decided to go with 'Grass Fed Beef' with cheese, pickles, mayo, mustard and house tomato jam, a simple burger becomes somewhat enough. No itty bitty, no add-ons, no need for this and that but just a simple, juicy beef, melted cheese, fresh pickles with a hint of that tangy-ness from the mustard but also that acidity from the tomato jam.

Presented in a silver plate lined with paper, the sesame bun was slightly grilled giving the smoky-ness.

'Louisiana Pulled Pork' with bbq glaze and red cabbage slaw was what I ordered which was a slightly messier bun and soggy-er bun due to the bbq glaze and the liquid of the pulled pork. Well executed flavours with the red cabbage slaw and pulled pork not being overpowered by the bbq glaze.

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