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Polonia, The Polish Club, Milton, Brisbane

October 08, 2011

Polonia, is a Polish Club over at Milton and has a Polish restaurant and a friend of mine recommended to go there, so we went as a group.. The place as a first impression, I didn't think it was a restaurant feeling as it was just a normal building at the front.. but we did come at night, so it was dark everywhere.. However, the inside was just average, just wooden seats and tables everywhere and there was a cupboard full of polish stuff in it..
Going to a Polish restaurant without drinking their local polish beers is a NO for all of us hahah... so we all got beers.. polish beers..

First dish came out and one of my friend had ordered their "Traditional Tripe Soup (Flaczki)" which was served with rye bread. My friend said it was alright but it was nothing special .. 
Second dish that came out was the "Cabbage Rolls" ... I think it was the name that made my friend want to try it.. it was cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and beef along with tasty tomato sauce which was once again served with rye bread... the cabbage rolls were different, and although they just had rice and beef inside, it was different ..
Cabbage Rolls Up Close .. Didn't take a photo of it when it was cut in half or something, because of the lighting..
"Polish Dumplings".. They had 3 different choices of Polish dumplings that you could choose from, which was Meat or Potato & Cheese or Cabbage & Mushroom.. I'm not sure which one we bought, but it was one of the three.. I think it was the Meat .. It would've looked the same anyway the way the presented it and the dumpling skin and all .. just the filling that would've been different..
This was actually NOT on the menu, so I'm thinking we were lucky that we went during the time that we did go, because they had Pork Knuckle on their Special menu .. And 3 of us bought it, but I wasn't that hungry so I just shared it with my friend but then he also bought the dumplings in the photo above..
The Pork Knuckle was served on top of a bed of sauerkraut and two different sauces, one was mustard and the other one was something like aioli .. The Pork Knuckle was definitely cooked very well as it was very soft and easy to get off from the bones..  the sauerkraut was alot when .. and the Pork Knuckle, it might not look THAT big on the photo, but I'm serious to say that it was actually THAT big.. like it was MASSIVE hahahh.. or maybe it was just me that thought it was ~~
Some of the meals we ordered, there was the other one, the dumpling, but didn't fit into the photo and from what I remember, my friend had already started eating it ... So if you are ever in a polish mood, come over and have a try .. and you're lucky if the pork knuckle was on the menu at the time when you do come in .. because the pork knuckle was definitely good ..

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