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Jo-Jo's, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

December 31, 2011

Jo-Jo's a restaurant owned by the same person who owns the hairdresser place, Stefan ... located in the heart of Queen St Mall, right at the center, at the corner, 2nd level .. entrance is through the escalator located next to the female clothing store, Supre .. it's opposite where Hungry Jacks are ... hehehhh... 

Menu of the restaurant ...
I really like the view from the restaurant, even if it's actually not much .. just shows the Queen St and people walking by .. but ye, it's a good place to have food and drinks and overlooking it all ....

Nice cold beer .. the pretzel was just an addition to the photo by the way =P
Seriously, I'm sorry to say but I have forgotten what this was ... but It had green beans, prawns, dill with fettucine ... it was really simple I might say but yummy ... from what I saw from the menu online, the closest thing I can get from it is "Prawn Fettucine" .. so maybe that was it =P 

This was the 'Salmon Fettucine' ... The salmon was smoked and it had mushroom, spanish onions, dill in a cream sauce.. this was really nice or maybe it was because i'm a fan of salmon? hahahh

Like I said before... a fan of salmon XP ... 'BBQ Atlantic Salmon' served with either Caesar or Greek Salad ... this one was with Greek salad ... see the Feta cheese? heehheh..
I know many people prefer grilled salmon and such.. but I actually, truthfully prefer raw salmon (sashimi) or smoked salmon .. mmmm hehehe.. but this was still delicious ...
Steak !! I forgot which steak it was .. but from what I remember, it was sirloin i think ..?
This was just simply chips and aoli sauce =)
Dessert time ... sadly they change every season or every few weeks or so .. so by the time I went here after this trip, they didn't have it anymore =( 
I'm not self-praising my photography skills again, but i actually really love this photo ... and plus, the pretzel on top of the vanilla ice-cream was just a joke :P  * pretzel not included when dessert is ordered =)

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