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Byron Fresh Cafe, Byron Bay

April 21, 2012

Byron Fresh Cafe, located near where the Byron Bay Beach is .. A street filled with different cafes, and this was the first one that we came across and so, we decided to go in.. We did however, tried going to the other cafes, however, seeing that some were either closed and reopening in an hour or so, we couldn't wait and let our tummies get upset.. Sadly, I did not get to try any breakfast food, so the next time I come here, I have to, definitely, have to order myself some Breakfast .. as this was lunch...

 I like weird looking lights .. and so, I took a photo of the lights they had in the cafe .. Any with different shapes and abnormal shapes always somehow intrigues me ..
 They call this the "Paradise Found" .. why? I'm not sure myself .. but maybe because of the steak .. it had marinated ribeye steak, caramelized onions, Dijon mustard, tomato, lettuce + soft bun...  ($16.50) with chips, ($20)..
 I ordered myself the "Marinated Feta & Smoked Local Salmon" .. which had the marinated feta cheese, smoked salmon, organic mixed leaves, capers, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds and lime aioli... ($18)
 At first, I thought that there was not enough sauce, nor was the portion big or small, it was just average .. But I was surprised when I started eating, I found that they weren't selfish with their seafood.. as the Salmon was massive, it might not look like it from these photoes, however, these salmons were wrapped up around each other, but when you open them and unwrap the salmon, they were loooong ..
 The "Byron Topless" .. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli, spicy tomato relish in a turkish bread .. ($14) and with chips, ($18.5)
 Look at my close-up photography on the crispy bacon .. the bacon was definitely crispy .. and you could see the aioli and the lettuce ...
 "Salt & Pepper Crumbled Squid" .. ($22) .. Salt & Pepper Squid, sweet chilli, lime mayo, local organic mixed leaves and chips..
 The salad was just normal, though not enough sauce as the sauce was just put on top, but amount was alright seeing that it was as a side dish ..
 The squid itself was long and was not short cut .. crumbled batter was alright..

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