Cafe Le Petit Paradis, Margaret St, Brisbane CBD - my name is Food.

Cafe Le Petit Paradis, Margaret St, Brisbane CBD

June 21, 2012

Cafe Le Petit Paradis (also known as Cafe PP), this is my second blog post about this cafe from what I remember, though I have been here more than a few times... Yes, it is a Asian (Korean) cafe/restaurant disregarding their name which is french .. 

This is their Chicken Karaage... portion was bigger than what I expected and is served with a side salad with 'Katsuoboshi' which you can see at the top of the karaage.. basically the karaage is covered by all of that shavings of the katsuoboshi..

 They've also added the sauce in which I believe to be their teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.. 
If you were wondering what the black dish was at the start, at the top of the blog, the very first photo, well let me tell you now... it is called "Ja-Jjang-Myeon".. I actually really like this dish even though it is a simple dish and not as creative nor is it as combinative as such with the dish as the other korean dishes.. It is actually a chinese dish called "zhai-jang-mian", however the Koreans has koreanized it and made one of their own.. It consists of buckwheat noodles topped up with a thick sauce called "chun-jang" (salty blackbean paste) with diced meat and vegetables... In the photo, the dish is then topped up with shaved cucumbers and an half egg.. 

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