Kingsfood Chinese Restaurant, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Kingsfood Chinese Restaurant, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

June 21, 2012

Everytime I go to Market Square and come to "Kingsfood" in the middle of the complex, I never got the chance to take photos of their dishes.. and so here I am, back to food blogging, and this time, Yes! I remembered to take photos :) Kingsfood may be famous for their good bubble tea (cheap price too, which makes it a good deal~) and their food is alright (though some may be bit too oily for me..) but usually generally busy~~
Menu Menu Menu .. A lot of varieties of food dishes, meats and seafood, vegetables, side dishes etc.. with photos as well to support some of their signature dishes and their top dishes..
I didn't take notes of what was ordered during this night, so I will just blog on what I remember~~
Mapo Tofu
Pretty sure even if I didn't say what this was, most of you would've probably guessed it already... "Mapo Tofu".. For those of you who aren't aware of what Mapo Tofu may be, it is a popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan province in China and is very popular all over the world now..
A combination of tofu and minced meat (usually pork or beef) in a spicy chilli bean based sauce..
Fried White Fish Bait
This, I have heard many of my friends telling me about this, but I never really got the chance to try it out when I'm around because of undecided minds of where to eat, or a change of mind or some sort.. but finally, I tried it.. I did kind of forgot the name... but i think it was "Fried White Fish Bait" .. 
It was really nice and crunchhy, I liked how they didn't use such a thick batter that overpowered the fish bait... served on top of lettuce and topped off with spring onions and garlic..
"Crispy Shredded Beef in Sweet Chilli Sauce" ..
Shredded Beef in a sweet soy sauce served on top of fried noodles
It was just normal, nothing wow or anything .. but it was still yummy.. though the sauce might be abit too much which made the beef soaked into the sauce ..
Chicken Szechuan Sauce served on seaweed
I really liked this dish actually, the chicken was cooked well and it was tender, and the sauce was nice as well.. wasn't too overpowering or anything.. and the chicken may look tad oily, but in real life, maybe it was because it was the sauce hahah..
If you haven't tried Kingsfood and you're down at Market Square one day or night, give it a try .. and maybe their Bubble Tea as well for the drink ~

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