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Yatala Pies, Yatala, Queensland

June 11, 2012

Finally went down to Yatala to try their 'Famous' pies .. for breakfast XP and for coffee ..
The "Welcome to Yatala" sign infront of the Famous Yatala Pie Shop .. looks pretty cute from the outside actually I may say ..
The menu is all written on top and the squares are basically where they open and get their pies from ... reminds me of the old good days where such simple strategy and methods ... I sometimes wished I could go back to the olden days to live how people used to live heheh..
So happy seeing all these pies for some reason ... It's not that I'm a big fan of pies or anything, but because I finally came down just made me somewhat somehow happy and excited .. Got my recommendations from a friend on the good-good pies that he's tried and so, I decided and chose the "Beef, Bacon and Cheese" pie .. the word "Bacon" actually was the one that got me .. but there was the thought of buying the Steak pies, but "Bacon" just sounded somewhat more tempting seeing that it was breakfast time =)
This was my friend's "Steak and Mushroom" pie .. There was also the apple pie I think that got bought, but sadly I didn't get the chance to take a photo of it ..

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