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iThai, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

June 26, 2012

Chilli Fish Fillet with Rice

 Went to iThai for Friday night dinner to celebrate my post-exams-celebration .. XD .. was so happy but didn't express it as much as people usually would after all of their exams are done.. heheheh.. was going to go eat some pork, but changed venues after seeing iThai and also the fact that I haven't tried the food there before, so ended up here for dinner which was gooooooooooooooood ;) 
Chicken Spring Rolls
 "Chicken Spring Rolls" for entree which actually funnily came out after the main dish was served hahaha..
The "Pad Thai" was a pretty big serving which I was surprised of .. but it was yummy hehehh..
Pad Thai
Meat, Vegetables, Seafood, Noodles all in one ..
I forgot the name of this but I think it was the "Chilli Fish Fillet with Rice" ..
Fish Fillet's batter was good and crispy and even if it was topped off with the chilli sauce, it didn't decrease nor did it make the batter less-crispy or anything which was good ..
was not as chilli hot as I thought it would be
All of the dishes together
Good food for a celebration and the fact that I finished all of my exams though both good and bad, but in the end was not too bad (I'm hoping it won't be..) make's a girl smile ~~~~~ =)

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