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Aspley Oriental, Aspley, Brisbane

February 05, 2013

Usually here in Aspley Oriental for Yum Cha, but this time, just for dinner.. Just a simple dinner.. Place was not as packed as it usually is for their daily Yum Cha, however, there were many people that started coming in as soon as I sat down and looked through the menu..

I like how they've changed their menu and now looks modern, however their Yum Cha menu is basically still the same as how it usually has been. Ordered the Steamed Fish Fillet with King Prawn.
 Fresh fillet of coral trout steamed to perfection with a tantalizing flavour ginger and shallot, prepared with a generous serve of king prawns, that's how they described the dish.
 If I may say myself, the coral trout was cooked well and it was soft and was not dry. Although, I did however poured the sauce underneath over the whole dish, the prawns and the fish to give the seafood that flavour.. The dished was topped off with coriander but not the ginger, I actually thought that there would be ginger on top. The amount of prawns was also portionized well and was not selfish with the amount of both the fish fillet and the king prawns.. The prawns were also cooked well.
 Second dish ordered, was actually quite confusing to choose as it was either between the Roasted Duck or the Crispy Duck... But in the end, the roasted duck was chosen.
Roast Crispy skin duck served with plum sauce.. The duck skin was crispy indeed but I think it is also just due to preferences but I tend to find duck meat to be somewhat dry in some areas which I didn't really like. In the end, the duck had to be brought home as it we couldn't finish eating it.

Really sweet of them but this was their coconut milk sago, red beans dessert.. This was nice and reminded me when I used to eat something similar to this when I was younger. I even thought of asking them to buy it off them for a whole bowl, but didn't end up asking them.

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