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Obaltan Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

February 24, 2013

Been awhile since I've eaten korean food and go to Obaltan in Elizabeth St.. The location is somehow not very easily spotted as they seem to be low key and all you see from the outside is their glass window and their restaurant name at the bottom. However, if you're familiar with Koz Market and Madtongsan 1 area, then you will be walking past Obaltan.. Their restaurant don't really have anything to catch people's attention unless you just suddenly come across it or you're familiar with the area...

Interior wise, it doesn't use strong lighting and is quite dim inside.. I liked their patterned walls though, reminds me of sakura trees or flowers.. Black wooden tables with a charcoal burner/grill and an exhaust hose on top of every table to suck the smoke out of the bbq when you're bbqing the meats... a typical interior for a korean bbq restaurant..
Side dishes (Ban-chan) are usually given out before each meals are served and are free and are refillable as well if you ask for it to the waitresses.. A mixture of side dishes are usually given out.. Kimchi is a definite, there's also a beansprouts and sliced carrots, cucumber mix, a seaweed mix and an egg with a light soy tangy flavour..
I've always thought that all Korean restaurants would sell Japchae, but I guess I was wrong since I went to korean restaurant a few months ago in the southside and wanted to order it but they said that they didn't sell it.. Anyway, ordered two dishes for lunch... Came here for the Jap-Chae and we really wanted to eat it and so ordered that, and then we also ordered their Bulgogi..
Bulgogi is marinated grilled beef mixed with simple vegetables such as onions, carrots and shallots and topped with sesame seed on a hot plate.. Bulgogi is a common korean dish everywhere..
Jap Chae is a clear sweet potato noodles with various vegetables and sometimes beef stir fried in sesame and soy sauce.. Since we've been wanting to eat Jap Chae, this Jap Chae was delicious and was cooked well.. Although I thought that the pak choy should have been cut smaller as it was pretty hard to bite through and then having to continuously chew on it whilst the other vegetables were slices or shredded.. and the big pak choy didn't look good in presentation wise as well.. 
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