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Parkland Chinese Restaurant, Sunny Park, Sunnybank, Brisbane

February 28, 2013

Parkland Chinese restaurant is in Sunny Park shopping centre which is infront of Market Square and Sunnybank Plaza.. Booked it early for Chines New Year Yum Cha lunch but when we arrived, they seemed to somehow have lost our reservation and so we had to wait.. Many people were waiting outside and inside of the restaurant just staring down the diners so that they would somehow eat quickly and leave.. Heard some people waiting kept on shouting and complaining and wanting a table for 2, 5, 10+ etc.. Pretty hectic but hey, no one should be surprised as probably all of the chinese restaurants around would be like this at this time of the year.. Happy Belated Chinese New Year everyone~
The restaurant was pretty hectic with all tables full and the waiters just had to quickly clean up dirty tables and clean them and seat new diners.. Seeing as there were too many people, I didn't really get why they actually didn't have as many people walking around with the Yum Cha trays... And so, we ended up just going to the back of the restaurant and just choose what we wanted from what was displayed... 
French Style BBQ Pork Buns
This is my favourite yum cha dish out of all of them.. Fell in love with it last year when I ate here for the first time and tried it.. It is basically similar to the normal BBQ Pork Bun however, it is not wrapped by those white buns.. They look more like those baked bbq pork buns or the pan fried bbq pork buns.. Anyway, these little devils are basically covered in a sweet pastry on top of the bun.. it just basically melts in your mouth with the bun and the bbq pork inside..
Tofu stuffed with shrimp/fish paste
The fried tofu stuffed with shrimp/fish paste was good and the flavour blended in well with the sauce on top which was not overpowering.. The tofu could have a bit of more flavouring...

Seaweed wrapped fried soybean sheet filled with prawn
Ordered a variety of yum cha dishes but I think I'm actually missing out on a few pictures but that's alright... The fried soybean sheet is filled with prawn was yummy but I think a little bit of mayo would be good to come with it.. In some restaurants, they d serve it with a side of mayo but many doesn't..
Squid is always something that I like to nibble on and their portion is always big so it's great to share amongst the table.. However, when I go to Yum Cha, doesn't seem as everyone likes it so I usually only get this Squid when I go to Yum Cha with a certain someone.. And finally, xiao long bao.. steamed pork bun with soup inside as well, which you're suppose to eat it in one mouthful, don't bite it since you'll miss out on the goodness of the pork soup inside the bun..
Xia Long Bao
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