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R & R Cafe Bar, Chermside, Brisbane

February 23, 2013

Richards & Richards is a Brisbane owned men's fashion clothing store, specializing in italian brands and their own. As well as these amazing men's luxurious clothing, the two flagship stores, one located in Westfield Chermside and the other in Elizabeth St in the CBD, combines a fashion emporium and a bistro style dining..
They have a variety of food ranging from pastas to pizza, sandwiches to sides and also desserts..
 Came here for lunch and saw their special pizza and without any hesitation, picked it for lunch as well as a small side of chips with aioli sauce...
I like their creativity of chalking up the specials up on a small chalkboard and placing it on top of their bench.. The seatings are both inside and out..
Prosciutto, Green olives and Feta cheese pizza
Pizza's crust was just right, not too thin nor too thick.. the prosciutto, green olives and feta cheese was not selfishedly portioned as well which I thought was good. 
 The green olives was not sliced up into small pieces, but it was just simply cut in half which I didn't mind rather than those thinly sliced black olives.. Their prosciuttos, I would've preferred it if it was cut half the size that was on the pizza.. The pizza also seemed abit oily to my liking..
Small side of chips to go with the pizza to share.. Chips were normal and nothing special but I did like their herb seasoning on the chips..

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