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Little Singapore, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

February 05, 2013

Another visit to Little Singapore because I was missing their Kwae Teow.. Also needed to go to Yuen's market to buy some groceries as well and it has been awhile since I've been to Sunnybank after I came back from abroad..
Free water and now they sell a variety of cold and hot drinks.. The place was pretty empty when I arrived but the tables outside were nearly all taken..
They have two different types of Kwae Teow which are their Penang style and their Seafood style. For me, I usually order their Penang style as it already has the seafood side of it which includes the prawns and the squids. 
 But if you're wondering what makes me come back here because of the Kwae Teow, I would have to say it is because of their fried Pork fat which is cut up into little pieces, so when you are eating it, you will have this little surprises in your mouth which then melts in your mouth, or maybe that is just me.. Usually, the Kwae Teow I think is usually cooked well but this time, I found their lap chong (chinese sausage) and a few other things to be abit too burnt or overcooked... But overall, always good and yummy.
 Combination Chow Mein is the next dish ordered, which is basically a combination of different meats and seafood on top of a crispy egg noodle.. 
The sauce may be simple  but these crispy egg noodles' taste may be ruined if there were too much sauce or an overpowering one. That is why chow mein are usually cooked with just a light sauce which does make the noodles soggy in the end after you've mixed it all together.
 Cuttings and portion of the combination meat and seafood are very generous here and I find that this restaurant may be better than the city based ones.

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