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Hanaichi, Westfield Chermside, Chermside, Brisbane

May 14, 2014

Hanaichi is probably the most popular Japanese fast food available in Brisbane, which started a while back and originated in heart of Brisbane CBD. Now it has branches all over Australia including Gold Coast, Sydney and Sydney.. Offering a range of popular basic Japanese dishes, it has won the hearts and tongue of many people out there.. Though prices has gone up over the years, but you can still get them for under $10.. Just recently, they started offering Mini sizes in Westfield Chermside which I was quite surprised about.. Though the prices reminded of me of their regular size prices back then, and now regular and large sizes has gone up, here comes the kid's size..

'Chicken Hanaichi' has always been one of my favourites other than their Japanese curry.. It has fried battered chicken (chicken karaage), mixed salad (mixed greens and a few cuts of tomatoes usually) served on top of warm rice with their special Hanaichi tartar sauce garnished with shallots, coriander and sesame seeds.. You can purchase extra sauce but sometimes some people can get cranky when you ask for extra for some reason, not sure why.. I have been served when they're very friendly and everything but then sometimes you can get some people who just gives you that look like just order already or something.. The karaage chicken and the tartar sauce is what gets me in this dish, and also they seem to have put some sort of Hanaichi sauce they call it but seems like soy sauce or teriyaki sauce on the rice before the meat is placed which gives the rice a flavour as well instead of just being bland..
'Japanese Curry' (choice between pork or chicken) is usually the most simplest dish you could probably find but the most sauciest I reckon.. It is just a simple Crunchy fried pork/chicken cutlet served on top of warm rice, Japanese curry sauce poured over it and garnished with red pickles. However, I found that this was the least amount of dish served as you could see from the photo, the dish did not even go up to even 3/4 of the bowl which the other dishes did.. I think that the taste it the same however more meat would suffice..
'Beef Yakiniku' with rice is also another simple dish and a popular dish amongst people, this goes also with Hanaichi's Katsudon dishes and so on.. The Beef Yakiniku consisted of stir fried beef with onion and bean sprouts with yakiniku sauce served on top of warm rice garnished with yellow pickles, coriander and a few slices of tomatoes.. I found that the tomatoes were quite random and didn't fit with the dish.. Anyway, I found that the meat was flavoursome but some were a bit dry and having dry meat isn't that nice.. The rice was overloading while the meat portion wasn't much giving you more rice leftovers after you have finished your meat..
If you're not super hungry or having a small appetite, then I do recommend this size for you as I thought that it was quite filling, but maybe that was the fact I already had nibbles before eating it.. It's just the fact that portion could have been done a bit bigger than how it was, paying $5+ doesn't mean that you could just put a few slices of meat on rice and sauce or try and fill the bowl up with mixed greens to make it look like it's alot when it's not.. More meat would have been nice, as for the rice, they do give a lot of rice so I can't complain about that but as for me, I don't usually finish the rice but tend to finish the meat more..
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