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Ole Spanish Restaurant, Little Stanley St, Southbank, Brisbane

May 11, 2014

Ole restaurant in Southbank, located at the heart of Little Stanley St, which now also has the Sangria bar near the restaurant itself offers a wide range of delicious tapas, raciones, paellas and desserts.. Oh, and don't forget the drinks. Tapas is what Spanish food is all about, small dishes filled with different texture and flavours, the perfect accompaniment for a drink.. Though this post may be a little bit too late, since I am aware of a tad change in the menu, but why waste a post filled with delicious food? So here it goes..

Seatings are both indoor and outdoor, coordinated colour of black and yellow seatings. All tables are consistent with its presentation of empty glasses, Ole Olive oil and cutleries.
Started off with a San Gria drink, which is a Spanish drink which 'Sangre' means blood, mostly because of its red colour. A combination of wine, chopped fruit and a little bit of brandy. It is a typical beverage and a must try when you go to Spanish restaurants. The last time I had San gria was either at a restaurant in Bulimba or in Melbourne and I loved how fresh it was, though in Melbourne, I drank it during winter which didn't help.
There was a special menu on which I remember only being as a Zucchini fritter with a yogurt dipping sauce which might have been either yogurt mint or yogurt cucumber (tzatziki). Excuse for me for forgetting the name of this dish.
I didn't find this dish as appetizing as it looks. The yogurt dipping sauce was refreshing with the fresh diced tomatoes, however the zucchini fritters were just as is, nothing special for me. However, it was a decent entree to start with before digging into our other bigger tapas.
'Pulpo Con Chorizo' ($12) was Grilled octopus, chorizo, fresh lime, parsley and tomato was quite an interesting mixture.. Although it was not served cold due to the octopus, it somehow was still refreshing and quite filling for such a portion.
Big chunks of octopus and whole cherry tomatoes were used which was nice to see instead of cut tomatoes placed in the dish. The parsley were not roughly chopped, however the mint was.
'Vientra de Cerdo' ($19) was pork belly, black sausage chorizo and lentils. This was probably the most interesting dish out of three, the black sausage and the pork belly mix on a chickpea sort of lentils mash though some of the lentils and chickpeas were still whole which was quite nice, not fully blended like a true potato mash.
I did not really fancy the pork belly however, the flavour was there, just that I found it a bit dry and not as soft as I liked it to be. Big cuts of pork belly served was quite satisfying to see.
The black sausage was quite interestingly yummy, it did kind of reminded of the Korean black sausage though this was different in the insides. It may look like it will gross you out at first, and the taste and texture of it is abit weird. Black sausage is also known as Black pudding, it is made out of pork blood mixed with chunks of pork fat and spices stuffed in a sausage casing. Yes, pork blood.. Told you, some people may get turned off just by reading it or even knowing about it.. Though I think sometimes even the weirdest food can taste somewhat delicious..
Though the pork belly did blend well with the chickpea and lentil mash, but I was not too sure on how the black sausage would've.. Surprisingly bits of it does blend in well, but in some occassions, it felt abit like a mismatch..

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