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The Avenue Cafe, Oatley, Sydney

May 19, 2014

Sometimes the hidden cafes out in the suburbs may surprise you.. Though most of the top rated restaurants are located around the cbd area, this little cottage cafe is in Oatley, a suburb about 18km from the CBD offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes in such a homey ambience..

We all started off with drinks, a Flat White was his usual order so a Flat White it was, a cappucinno and tea.. I wasn't in the mood of drinking a coffee so opted with tea, since I do tend to drink tea more often than coffee.. While he's just the opposite of me, needing his cups a day to get him through the day especially through work..
First off, he ordered a simple Bacon and Eggs with toast.. Presented fully on a big plate, 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bread and bacon, also with a little garnish on the side and Best Western butter to spread.. The eggs are your choice whether it be scrambled or fried or boiled and so on..
Eggs Benedict with Salmon, now who will ever resist Eggs Benny when it's on offer? However, I didn't order the Salmon.. Presented nicely on a plate, drizzled with balsamic and olive oil for the final touches do give it that little touch to its outlook..
Portion wise was reasonable, not overly large nor small.. The hollandaise sauce could've been abit more since maybe some people may think of it as not enough.. The salmon looked fresh but the grated carrots may have been unnecessary I think as it didn't really add anything to the dish, just maybe a little garnish or such.. Pepper was offered to everyone which was nice.
I ordered their Eggs Benny with spinach, again the presentation was the same except it seemed as the carrots were grated this time in swirls which I thought though in regards to presentation wise, I would've preferred it to be like this instead of previous.
Wilted spinach looked abit pale or out of colour for some but fresher for some, so it looked abit inconsistent. Again, the hollandaise sauce could have been given a bit more and the touches of the balsamic and olive oil surprisingly went well with the rest of the dish as well..
Eggs were perfectly done, runny when sliced in the middle and the combination of it all was good, but nothing special.. Well, it is Eggs Benny and who doesn't love them?

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