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Sydney Madang, Pitt St, CBD, Sydney

May 22, 2014

Sydney Madang may be called one of the best Korean restaurants in Sydney, hiding away in a dark alleyway in Pitt St. We were actually wanting to go to a different restaurant but since that was either too far or too hard to find, we decided to change our destination to Madang. With no banner or signs ahead or out in the street, it is quite hard to find it since we weren't Sydney locals but I'm sure the locals can find it just fine with their frequent visits and all. At night it may be much more visible with their light up signs infront of the restaurant which you would be able to see whilst walking past the alleyway, however during lunchtime, it wasn't such an advantage with the kind of dodgy alleyway, small entrance, a big sprinkler booster right next to it and all..

 'Jap-Chae' ($13/15) is a classic Korean dish however, many restaurants do serve them as entrees and not as main which may be their traditional way but sometimes it would be nice to have a bigger portion rather than a small portion. Sweet potato glass noodles, simply stir fried in sesame oil with various meats and vegetables. There was only one option for this dish, only as an entree size as well. It wasn't thoroughly fully busy during the time when we came in, but the service seemed to be quite slow with only about 2 waiters around. It was also hard trying to get their attention, even if you have buzzed the buzzer. The dish was just okay, but I found it a bit plain. The oil may have been too much, small portion and the amount of seafood was okay but was abit selfish on the prawns. Let's just say I have eaten better elsewhere.
Since we weren't that hungry, we decided to get 'Tang-su-yuk' which is Sweet and Sour Pork. When we saw it, it looked liked a mess. Usually it doesn't look as messy like the chef has just fried the pork, poured it on the plate, cooked the sauce and poured it all over. Presentation do come a long way, and even if it does take a bit of extra time, it is worth it to those who eats it. I'm not asking for it to be fine-dining style or such, but even cleaning the sides of the plates would be nice. There was sauce dripping on the side of the plate which made the table a bit sticky.
Such a simple dish, but for some reason, there seemed to be more batter which kind of killed the pork taste and the sweet and sour sauce was not bad, I found it to be a bit acidic, the sourness and the sweetness were not balanced well enough. The vegetables was okay and a nice addition as usually it would only include capsicum or pineapples, however, again, the deep fried pork ended up being soggy soaking up all of the sauce. I have eaten this dish where the sauce was probably double or triple the amount, and only the bottom part of the deep fried pork was soaked, but the top wasn't.

I am aware that this may be the most-talked-about Korean restaurant in town, but I think they may have probably referred to the BBQ or the Hotpots, not their normal dishes since this visit was quite the letdown for me, with all of the many comparation of many Korean restaurants I have been and tried.

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