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Getta Burger - Underwood, Brisbane

October 27, 2018

When we had Getta Burger the first time, it was at their first branch in Carina. When we saw that another branch has opened up nearby in south side, we thought we should give it a try. Luckily enough, it was not busy with only one or two people lining up in front and behind us. I'm glad when places open up, they think about us too and where we can park as they're located in an area with other shops and dedicated parking available. It's a bit sad when new places open but then you hear that there's no parking or it would be much more accessible via public transport. Doesn't work that way all the time, you know..

Getta Burger has a wide variety of beef patty, pulled pork, beef brisket and vege burgers of which we decided to go with 'The Getta Burger'. Beef patty, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle with 'Tom's Tomato Relish' and USA mayo on a milk bun. The bun was a sesame seed bun which I thought was a bit hard and not as soft as I would've liked it to be. However, the amount of beef patty, bacon, melting cheese and sauce was more than decent. The beef patty was a bit dry though which was disappointing but everything else complimented it nicely.

When trying to eat it, do try to hold it with two hands and grab it tight so that nothing will ooze out as when it does, especially the cheese, it will be a bit hard to try and get it off the wrapping paper unless you lick it off. All I can say is that, it is value for money when it comes to its size and taste but the patty was just simply drier.

Since we weren't too hungry, we thought we'd order a side... of fries.... loaded fries. Not just any fries.

'Getta Filthy Fries', a bowl of fries covered in cheese, smoked brisket, pulled pork, grilled onion, maple bacon, brushed with 'That BBQ Sauce', mustard and ranch. The last time we came to Getta Burger, I thought it wasn't on the menu, so all I ordered was a burger and their Getta fries topped with cheese, which wasn't so good as the cheese was just stuck on the couple of fries on top and everything else underneath was just simply shoestring fries.

One thing I have to say about these would be, thank goodness they were decent in size, decent in toppings and sauces too, which is a winner in my eyes as many loaded fries elsewhere has been quite stingy with their cheese or sauce or even meats. Although with all the smoked brisket and pulled pork together, I wasn't too sure which was which as their colour was similar. Since the base was shoestring fries, it may be a bit hard trying to pick up the fries with the toppings altogetherI did find that there wasn't a need for very salty fries. So, maybe, you would just need to pick up a couple of fries and digging in there. Or just simply use a fork.

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