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Menya Mappen Noodle Bar - Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank, Brisbane

October 26, 2018

Although this place has closed down and changed its name, the concept, the food and the offerings are practically still similar. Though the prices might have changed slightly too. Still located at the side of the plaza, where it doesn't get too busy around that area.

'Spicy Pork Miso Bowl' was a simple side or a stand-alone dish of steamed rice topped with spicy pork mince and shallots. With this, you are able to pick your choice of tempura and add ons to eat this with. Having a small bowl option allows you to have lesser carbs and have more grilled or deep fried items. Not so worth it for its price but I guess, it is something easy and simple to have if you don't feel like a big meal.

'Curry Udon' on a bed of Udon topped with ontama (half boiled egg) and shallots as well as tempura crisps or flakes as some may call it. When mixed thoroughly, the egg gives the stickiness and balancing the curry sauce mixture with the udon noodles. The udon noodles in curry sauce, is not something you find often, but it was quite lovely overall.

'Curry Karrage Rice Bowl' was a bowl of steamed rice topped with the curry sauce and chicken karrage. The chicken karaage was abit stingy I guess, as there was only about 3 of them for the whole bowl. Overall, it was okay but not the best curry sauce we've had. Mixing everything in the bowl allows everything to be fully coated in the curry sauce, although it may look mush-ier, but I feel it is just easier to eat without thinking that there are parts that did not get any sauce.

'Ontama Mentaiko Bukkake' was a hot Udon noodle base with Tsukedashi sauce, chilli cod roe and half boiled egg. By pouring the hot soy sauce based broth that was placed near where the self-serve water was is always great as it allows the udon to not only have the curry basting but also has that slight soupy broth. This may not suit everyone as it depends on personal preference.

The above is the heated area before the counter for you to pick your own skewers or tempura add ons for your meal before paying.

*Please note that this is a delayed post and that Menya Mappen is now called Udonya Tokoton, offering a similar concept and dishes.

Menya Mappen Noodle Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Udonya Tokoton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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