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Toast Box - Changi Airport, Singapore

October 04, 2018

Toast box has been one of those places known for their coffee and toast concept. From peanut butter thick toast to chicken curry, its extensive menu caters for all tastebuds either for a full meal or just a snack.

If you order a toast set, you will get the toast of your choice, two half boiled eggs and regular hot kopi or teh. Kopi is coffee and Teh is tea. Simple but delicious.

A tip would be to actually break your egg into the bowl and dipping your toast into it before biting into it. Hence why they gave you two bowls for the two eggs just in case it gets a bit messy or if you would just like to scoop up the half boiled eggs individually.

All of the toast has their sides cut off and I'm unsure why but that's how it's always been when serving it.

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