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Ice Cream Sandwich - Orchard Rd, Singapore

October 02, 2018

So, this will be the first review since my hiatus from mynameisFood. and what better way to start it off with a brick of ice cream and a slice of rainbow bread?

A very popular easy and quick snack while on the road, it used to cost less than SGD $1 but now it's more than $1. Brings me back to when I was young living here and my parents would get this for me. Now that I'm older, I feel saddened how there's so many people in this world living, trying to get by day by day, and yet sometimes you wonder, how will they survive by just selling at such prices.. but they made it, until now. It's all about surviving.

Usually you can find the mobile carts along Orchard Road and Chinatown. Just look for the umbrella and modified motorcycle typically sold by an uncle.

It boasts a wide range of flavours including coconut, durian, red bean, mocha, yam, chocolate, mint choc chips, sweet corn and more. Traditionally, the ice cream block is wrapped with a slice of rainbow bread but there is also a wafer thin and cone option for those who aren’t so keen on having rainbow bread but seriously, you do need to at least try the rainbow bread. It’s soft and fluffy, that’s all I can say.

So what they do is that they retrieve a box of ice cream, cuts a block out which slices the box as well and then fits it in between the rainbow bread or two wafer thins into a sandwich.

The wafer thins are quite tasteless just like the cones of Soft serve in McDonalds but the crunchy texture is a nice balance with the cold ice cream block. Hence why I usually go for the bread as it absorbs also the melting ice cream down the side and wraps around it fully.

The Ice cream do melt quite easily due to the heat and humidity of the environment so do try and eat it fast so that it doesn’t melt all over your hands.

Make sure you give it a try when in Singapore.

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