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Little Singapore - Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

October 23, 2018

With all the renovations happening at Market Square, it doesn't deter the diners coming in from morning to night for either the food, bubble tea, desserts or just visiting Yuen's. After waiting for a few minutes, the table was set up and ready. Service can be hard to get by as the waiters are always rushing here and there but simply raise your hand up or try and wave at them, you should be able to get their attention.

'Char Kway Teow' of which we usually order the combination which has both meat and seafood. The portion was quite small compared to the other times we have dined here and ordered the same dish. Sometimes, it can be also saltier or not enough salt, so it can be quite inconsistent at times.

The amount of seafood as well as meat also differs and I think that might be due to the chef who is cooking at the time. Sometimes, you would get more fish cake than prawns or meat, or would get only one prawn and no squid or so on. However, overall, this time, the taste was okay but we have tasted better in the past.

'Nasi Lemak' consists of steamed rice or coconut rice in some restaurants served with beef rendang, chicken curry, pickles, deep fried boiled egg topped w sambal, anchovies and peanuts as well as fresh cucumber slices. Having the crunchy texture of the anchovies, peanuts and cucumber, allows the whole dish to be well balanced throughout the meal.

The curry chicken was off the bone which was a drumstick essentially with the soft potato chunks. The curry sauce had the right balance of chilli kick as well as the creamyness from the coconut. The beef rendang on the other hand was okay, but it could have been cooked longer as I did feel that some parts of it were still slightly on the tougher side.

The deep fried boiled egg was well cooked although with the sweet sambal on top. It would've been good if the sambal was placed elsewhere as for those who isn't big on the chilli side, will not be able to eat the egg as the sambal would've had been on top of it initially.

Most of their menu items on offer do well, however, there are times when the portion can be a bit, inconsistent.. or just very inconsistent. As we've been here for dinner and lunch, but there will be times when we do get a lesser portion than the previous time or so.

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