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Amimoto Japanese Restaurant, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

December 31, 2011

 Located in Surfers Paradise in Lido Arcade, Orchid Ave .. This little Japanese restaurant is tucked away and it may seem small, but their variety in sushi and food dishes are alot ... Owned by Japanese and cooked by Japanese... Even the restaurant itself gives that Japanese street stall feeling .. At first, we were going to go to this other japanese restaurant but we found out it was either too far or it closed at the time, so we walked around and found this place and gave it a try ..
 This was their 'Pork Katsu' served with rice ..
 They had a special set at the time, and two of my friends ended up getting the same thing and it included rice with fish roe on top, miso soup, salad, katsu and sashimi .. The amount of sashimi in the set was actually not too bad as it consisted of raw tuna, salmon, kingfish and squid and had this mini sashimi sushi .. 

The salad and katsu in the special set menu ..

This was Katsudon .. Chicken Katsu served with egg and rice ..

 The same set menu again as the one above as mentioned ..
 Finally, this was the 'Pork Shogayaki' .. which literally mean Pork cooked in ginger sauce .. This too was served with rice ..
Although this restaurant may seem small and tucked away, but definitely a try if you end up in Surfers Paradise, however you have to come quite early because sadly it closes at 8.30pm at night.. They are open during lunch hours 11.30am-3pm, Mon-Fri and reopens at 5.30-8.30pm and on Sat & Public Holidays opens at 12-3pm and 5.30-8pm.. Overall, the food tasted really good, one day I wouldn't mind coming back and trying out their sushi and sashimi ...

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