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Max Brenner, Southbank, Brisbane

December 28, 2011

Max Brenner in Southbank.. Their motto "Chocolate by the Bald Man".. This is definitely worth a try if you are a chocolate fanatic =) or just a chocoholic I may say.. The photo above is the called 'Tutti-Frutti Waffle' which includes Warm Belgian Waffle drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with Ice-Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate), Fresh Strawberries and Bananas. You could also add extras like marshmallows, Strawberry, Whipped Cream, Banana, Chocolate lick or Ice-Cream..

 Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the photo but it was taken by an Iphone 4G whilst the first photo was taken by my camera.. But the top chocolate dish was the 'Bald Man' whilst the chocolate dish under it was "The Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae'.. 
 'The Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae' was presented pretty nicely due to their wooden tray with a paper tray cover.. Double Chocolate Ice Cream Scoops, Fudge Walnut Brownie Chunks, Caramelised Pecans served with pure melted chocolate and crunchy waffle balls..
This chocolate dish wasn't present in the menu but was displayed inside a glassed box thing at the front of the counter next to the cashier ... From what I remember, it was called 'The Bald Man'... It was definitely really rich chocolate, I actually didn't expect it to  be so rich, so I didn't end up finishing it ... 
'Chocolate Fudge Brownie' .. served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce on it .. The chocolate fudge was really yummy actually ... But remember, if you come here, don't try and buy as much chocolate and think you can finish them all hahahhh... 

 I took a photo of the stuff we ate .. just between two people hahahh... I remembered buying 3 different dishes excluding drinks .. and my friend and I ended up wasting like nearly the whole of the choc-fudge sundae which was kinda a waste, but our tummies couldn't absorb anymore sweetness nor could it absorb anymore chewing down food particles .. =(

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