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Menya Mappen Noodle Bar, Sunnybank, Brisbane

December 31, 2011

A new Japanese restaurant has just opened few months ago .. and I love its outlook seriously .. Although their menu is not long and doesn't consist of many japanese dishes like the typical japanese restaurants you may go to usually .. The problem with here is that during peak lunch times, expect the queue to be very long ... and the dishes you can buy from here are basically either soba noodles, udon noodles or rice .. it might as well be considered a fast-food restaurant ..
Well basically here's the short point of it .. You queue up from the outside and once you get into the restaurant, you take your own tray and tell the person what you would like to order .. From the photo below, you can see the people ordering whilst waiting for it, and then there is an opened glass area which actually has different types of tempuras including vegetable, prawn and so on. Then comes the closed glassed area which consists of extra radish or japanese salad or drinks if you wanted to buy some ... The you pay at where the man in the red is about and infront of there are shallots and tempura skin in a steel container where you can get a spoonful of each ... 

The seating inside is simple with wooden interior ..
A closer look of the open glass area with the different tempuras... prices are placed along with the name on a tag under each of the tempura .. don't freak out when  you see empty trays as they will fill them up ...

The Prawn Tempura and the Vegetable Tempura ..
The seatings in the middle of the restaurant inside with chopsticks and chilli powder on top .. Next to the cashier, there is an area where you can get your own self-served tempura dipping sauce and cold water..
And now, finally .. for the FOOD .. This was the "Curry".. For the curry, you can choose from Udon, Soba or Rice... This one was with Udon ... It is originally served with the curry served on top of the udon noodles topped with some red radish.. 

However, remember how I said you could get some shallots and tempura crisps as well ..? 
The tempura picked today were .... the Fried Beancurd and the Vegetable Tempura .. The Fried Bean Curd was really nice and so was the vegetable tempura.. I found the vegetable tempura pretty big though, so you probably had to cut it or bite it in half first hahah..
Second food ordered was the 'Ontama Bukkake Mentai'... This is one of the simple dishes they have in store ... You could choose either soba or udon, and this time it was Soba .. It was served with soft-boiled egg and 'mentai' which is basically Japanese butter .. the red stuff .. and topped with seaweed.. 
See the soft-boiled egg and the mentai? It might look weird, but you gotta taste it .. it's a really strong flavour so maybe if someone eats too much of the mentai, they can get that weird tummy feeling ..
Third was the Beef Udon ... This is just another simple dish with the Sukiyaki Beef ontop of the Udon .. The soup was really nice .. and it was sad how the Ontama Bukkake didn't have any soup ... 
The soup was really nice to slurp down ... I even tried something else... seeing as the Ontama Bukkake didn't have any soup, get some of the Tempura Dipping Sauce and put it into the dish and mix it all together, and you get yourself soup .. I thought the tempura dipping sauce would be thick or something, but it wasn't... coz you could just slurp the dipping sauce as if it was miso soup ..
Another tempura was the Sweet Potato Tempura.. this again was nice if you're a sweet potato fan ..
More shots of the Curry ..
A close up shot of the vegetable tempura ..
Sweet-Potato Tempura and Fishcake Tempura ..
If you're around the Sunnybank area, drop by here and experience another Japanese restaurant ... I know that there is Hatakaya and Sushi Trains around, but hey why not give this a try? No need to go eat sushi or ramen for the day and treat yourself to some udon or soba .. and self-served tempura .. did i tell you that you can get second serves? =P

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