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Hakataya Ramen, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane

December 26, 2011

At first I thought, japanese ramen was only available in the city as in sunnybank most of the restaurants were chinese .. well, Hakataya Ramen opened its first store in Sunnybank but the one I went to for my first time trying during the mid-semester holidays was the one in Surfers Paradise. They specialise in the 'Tonkotsu soup'. They use Australian Pork and the best thing about ramen is the 'char-siu' which is seasoned pork slices .. the best, softest, melt-in-your-mouth piece of pork other than pork belly =)

The first photo that's in this food review was called 'Nagahama Ramen' which is Japanese Pork Noodle Soup.. This photo above is 'Char-siu Ramen' which is basically the same as the Nagahama Ramen but just with extra pork slices.. You can see the difference by looking at the difference of pork slices in the photoes.
Seeing that they actually only have four ramen in the menu and gyoza (dumplings) and rice .. this ramen was one of the spicy ramen which is called 'Karaka Ramen'. It's Japanese Spicy Pork Noodle Soup..

But I do have to say that these ramen are definitely delicious .. if compared to the other ramens I've tried around.. And plus, if you have leftover soup from your ramen, you can get extra free noodles.. Definitely worth a try if you're around Sunnybank or Surfers Paradise.. And recently, they've just opened their Sunnybank store in Sunnybank market square as well..

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