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Montezuma's, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

December 31, 2011

Montezuma's in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast... I know there is actually a Montezuma's restaurant down in Gympie Road actually in Kedron but I haven't actually gone there before seeing the lack of enthusiasm or wantingness to go to a Mexican restaurant up in northside in Brisbane.. don't know why..
Anyway, went down to sunshine coast for a drive with a friend and beaching around and that, and was going to go back to Brisbane but then the time was nearly 5ish so we thought that there would be heavy traffic, and at the same time came across Montezuma's which somehow made my friend had the urge of mexican food..

Interior of the restaurant, excludes the main desk at the front and then at the back you can kind of see abit of it~~
Menu and decorations around and all over the whole restaurant ..

These were just random cute patterns of animals on the desks and the chairs .. these were printed on the furniture~
First dish came out, and it was the Enchiladas.. Enchiladas are soft corn tortillas dipped in sauce, rolled and topped with cheese and baked in the oven with Mexican sauce..and it was the "Carne" Enchilada.. which is basically, "Carne" is Beef and cheese .. 

and the Carne Enchilada was served with rice and beans .. and salad as well..
Second dish was the *drumroll* ............. "Combination Dinner"
"Carne" version ... so it had the Carne chilli con carne, beef taco, beef enchilada served with rice and beans.
I chose the "Carne" as it was Beef and my friend who knows real Mexican foods and cooks them at home, says that their mother, aunts etc usually cook them with Beef and likes it that way .. not like seafood or something ... so I just thought I should try maybe their basic type of filling .. I thought about getting the chicken as the other choice for the combination dinner was chicken, but naah.... will just stick with Beef for now =) 
The Beans on top .. and the inside of the Beef Enchilada .. the texture was nice, and I actually really enjoyed digging into it ..
Might look weird, but hey ... oh well .. the photo below shows the inside of the Beef Taco..
This was their Homemade San-Gria .. and truthfully, I wasn't pleased..
I've tried other Mexican restaurants and I really liked their San Gria.. but this one, wasn't as delicious as I thought it would be, not just by their presentation but also by the taste .. or maybe this is actually the original San Gria and the one I tried wasn't? I dont know .. but I didn't really like this San-Gria.. 

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