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Cafe Mondial, Albert St, Brisbane CBD

September 09, 2012

Eggs Florentine
It was Sunday morning and arrived in city pretty early, tummies were already growling so we decided to brekky it.. Cafe Mondial is in the intersection between Dymocks, Myer Centre Starbucks and the ex-Borders building.. Above the restaurant/cafe is Royal Albert Hotel....I've always just passed by it, looking at the busy cafe being filled with people eating and sipping their mugs of coffee, smelling the delicious food.. But never had the chance of trying the food nor the coffee there, and so we decided why not try breakfast here? They had a blackboard sign stating the specials both for breakfast and lunch...
Outside Seating Area
Seating areas are both inside and outside.. It was a lovely morning so sat outside feeling the cool breeze and view the brizzling cbd...
Cafe under Royal Albert Hotel
Breakfast and Drinks menu

Flat White
Flat white was good.. It wasn't too runny like the a few of the other coffees I had in other coffee shops and the froth was well made.. 

Chamomile Tea

Earl Grey Tea
"Euro" consisted of Grilled croissant and jam butter.. the grill croissant was very big when compared to the typical normal croissants you would get normally.. Butter was more-than-generously served seperately.. 
As soon as I had a skim through the breakfast menu, the "Eggs Florentine" was one of the few that caught my eye.. I have a thing about Eggs Benedict where I tend to try and try them in cafe or restaurants when I do go for breakfast... Unless I'm not feeling the Eggs Benedict feeling or something else on the menu caught my eye, then I would probably end up ordering something else... So, I ordered Eggs Florentine which consisted of two poached eggs, baby spinach, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce with toasted muffins...
Eggs Florentine
They did have the usual Eggs Benedict with the ham.. But the spinach and mushrooms caught my eye more and I'm not really a Eggs Benedict ham type of person... i prefer either the spinach/mushrooms or salmon...The mushrooms and spinach was a good combination.. However, the muffin could've been better... I just felt that the mushrooms and spinach just overpowered it..
Eggs Florentine
Hollandaise sauce was abit runnier than what I had expected, but it didn't overpower the combination between the tastes of the poached eggs, spinach and mushrooms which was good.. At first, I thought that maybe the sauce was not enough, but after I had started eating, it felt as if it was just right..
Poached eggs were poached perfectly with the yolks oozing out when the egg was sliced by the fork through the middle... Before the yolks had spreaded out everywhere and became all messy, I got a shot of it..
Gooey Egg Yolk from the Poached Egg
There were a few different varieties of omelettes offered... The "Vegie Omelette" had two thick toasts with spreaded butter, tomato, mushrooms, red onion, fresh herbs, baby spinach and mozarella..
Veggie Omelette
Baby spinach, tomato and fresh herbs close up photo.. the omelette was not too thick nor was it too thin..
Tomato and Baby Spinach
Mushrooms and tomato inside the omelette when sliced in halved... Truthfully, I didn't really fancy it that much, I preferred my Eggs Florentine more.. However, I would want to try the other omelettes next time then maybe I would be able to have a better judgement of it... I just thought that the omelette wasn't as good as I expected it to be... It was just normal..
All of the breakfast dishes and the coffees and teas ordered in this sunday morning...
All of the breakfast dishes on a Sunday Morning

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