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Laksa Hut, Indooroopilly, Brisbane

September 28, 2012

Roast Pork Belly Laksa Hut
Laksa Hut's original venue was at Toowong and that was where I tried my first Laksa in Laksa Hut and do I have to say that it was delish which made me reminisce about the good old days when I was living in Singapore when I was young.. the pork belly, oh my gooooooooooodness... weren't they crispy skinned pork belly... roasted well, asian style... Definitely worth a try for many of the international students who misses their asian dishes from their country roots and all.. or any of you who want to try Laksa and I guess, and I would have to say that this is probably the best Laksa I have eaten in Brisbane.. 
 Haven't had the chance to try Laksa Hut again since they relocated to Indooroopilly.. I think that this relocation might not have been a good choice as Toowong was easily accessible and now, it's not even in the Indro shopping centre, where you would have to go outside and walk for awhile to get to the place... But other than the relocation, the laksa seemed like it was the same as how it used to be which was good.. A good way and a good dish to eat after finishing an exam.. definitely.. Bought two laksa, one was roast pork belly and the other was the bbq pork.. both was good and both had the same consistency of the laksa-ness.. Though I found it abit spicier than usual or maybe it was because of my long-time-haven't-eaten-laksa so maybe that was why... I wouldn't mind trying Laksa at another restaurant but I haven't quite found another place that does sell a really good Laksa, though if any of you do know a place, let me know~

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