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Jimmy's on the Mall, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD

September 01, 2012

Canadian French Breakfast
Wake up sunshine and smell the fresh air... An early morning start consist of a good breakfast to start of the day.. Had breakfast at Jimmy's on the Mall which is located to the ex-Regent Cinemas in the middle of the Queen Street Mall, easily visible from the massive intersection where everyone seems to consider it their 'meeting-place'... Jimmy's on the Mall is one of the few 24/7 restaurants in the Brisbane CBD..

Jimmy's on the Mall's menu
 Been here before but it's been awhile so decided to have brekky here on a lovely beautiful cool morning.. 
One of the seating area
 They have basically two seating areas seperated by their kitchen, counter and bar which is located right in the middle of the restaurant... Jimmy's on the Mall sells from breakfast to lunch to dinner and desserts as well as side dishes and light meals.. It might be pricey to some, but hey, sometimes you just have to spend that extra few bucks to get good food.. and nowadays many of the food around here are starting to get more expensive..
Flat White
Soy Mocha
Soy Mocha
 Ordered the Canadian French Breakfast which consisted of Warm crepes, Autumn Berry Composte, Sweet Spice Pear and Mascarpone...
Canadian French Breakfast

Crepes were cooked nicely and it wasn't such a thick batter which was good nor was it too thin.. Maple Syrup was on top of the warm crepes and it was good that they didn't pour too much syrup on top...
Warm Crepes

The combination between the Autumn Berry Compote, Sweet spice pear and the mascarpone was delish..
Autumn Berry Compote, Sweet Spice Pear, Mascarpone and Mint
 I'm a big fan of benny eggs, so when I see benny eggs in a menu when skimming through a breakfast menu, it will somehow will be one of my choices of breakfast meals ...
Smoked Salmon Benny Eggs
 They had Eggs Benedict with Ham and then there was the Smoked Salmon Benny Eggs... I've always somehow have this personal preference when it comes to benny eggs, and that is that I would prefer either the salmon or the spinach/mushroom against the typical normal usual ham benny eggs.. Well, it's just me.. everyone has their preferences...
 I thought I'd put this photo of the tomato up as I actually liked this photo for some unknown reason... random, yes...
Poached Eggs, Potato Rosti, Wilted Spinach, Hollandaise on Turkish Bread
 What I was expecting was a reasonable portion due to the price ($18.5), and although I do know that benny eggs are usually around the $15 range or so, this benny eggs portion did not dissapoint me at all.. It was more than enough.. Any more than this, I might even turn myself into benny eggs..
Hollandaise sauce
 At first, the hollandaise sauce didn't look like much, but I guess that if you have too much sauce on a dish, it overpowers and kill the other elements of the other condiments in the dish... I liked the hollandaise sauce as it was abit thick and was not too runny...
Poached Eggs on top of Salmon and wonderful Potato Rosti
 One of my favourite things in the Benny eggs were the "Potato Rosti".. I do have to say, I have not eaten benny eggs with potato rosti and since I have now, I seem to have to say that this Eggs Benedict might be my favourite out of all of the Eggs Benedicts I've eaten anywhere else... Or maybe I'm just getting hypnotized by the so-called "potato rosti"... It somehow reminded me of hash browns but this was much much better... If you look closely at the photo, you could see that the rosti was not thin at all and was a nice crispy outer crumbed with lovely potato inside...
Perfect Poached Eggs
And now, the poached egg verdict... and *drumroll*... ooooooooooooozzzzzzzing egg yolk when sliced through the middle of the poached egg... yayyy !! i get pretty upset when I get a poached egg with no-runny-egg-yolk when sliced down the middle... I quickly had to grab a photo before it all oozed out... 
Perfect cut straight in the middle poached eggs
 Another breakfast meal ordered was the Sourdough Toast with a choice of strawberry jam, marmalade, vegemite or peanut butter... There was a choice between the sourdough or a light rye toast...
Sourdough Toast with Marmalade and Butter
 Sourdough toast was just normally toast, nothing special.. 
Sourdough Toast
 However, I do have to say that I liked their marmalade.. It had the orange zest and the orange peeled skin which made it more nicer...
Definitely a recommendation if you ever want to grab breakfast abit more than your average breakfast meals.. Do have a seat and try their breakfast meals and may I say their dinner and lunch meals as well.. They have lunch specials and their main meals are also good.. A nice area to have a meal and look around at the CBD and the surroundings with the bustling city, people walking by and all...

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