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Top Hot Pot, Sunnybank, Brisbane

September 15, 2012

Individual Hot Pot
Top Hot Pot is in the Sunny Park shopping complex area, infront of Market Square in Sunnybank.. Next to is the Szechuan restaurant, the Pool place and that Italian restaurant... Decided to give Top Hot Pot a try seeing that it was a cold winter night and we wanted something soupy and warm... 

Individual hot pots for everyone, not those shared ones... Include your own sets of necessities and your own hot pot cooker/warmer...
A variety of different hot pot soup base that you could pick from, and then they will bring it out for you in this little bowl... reminds me of olden very chinese flowery chinaware...
Chose two different types of soup base, the Herbal soup base and the Top Hot Pot special soup base...
Basically, they would give you a piece of paper for you to tick off and write down the quantities that you would want for every ingredient wanted in your hot pot... So here was what we ordered and basically just ordered one portion each, as you would probably prefer buying more different things than too much of the same thing...
Fish ball with fish eggs inside
Enoki Mushrooms
Green Vegetables
I found that the green vegetables weren't cut proportionally as there were some stalks that was impossible to be eaten due to its big cutting..
All of the condiments ordered with the Individual Hot Pots
If you are a fan of individual hot pot or would prefer an individual hot pot instead of the big shared ones, then come and try it over here.. They also sell a-la-carte food but I didn't really look at it... The portions of the ingredients were good, though I found that the meat was abit cold, maybe it was frozenly packed and they haven't thawed it enough.. and that they didn't cut their vegetables proportionally like I had mentioned previously.. 

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