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Chocolateria San Churro, South Brisbane

September 26, 2012

First encounter with Chocolateria San Churro was when I was in Melbourne.. and even then, there was only time for churros bought during that time... Surprised to hear and see that it was going to open in Southbank in Brisbane, I finally went and had another try... 

Chocolate Menu
Flat White & Chocolate
Flat White

Flat White
Ordered a flat white and "Cookie Cha Cha" which is the drink on the right side of the fondue.. 

Cookie Cha Cha

Cookie Cha Cha
"Cookie Cha Cha" was a real chocolate shake with cha-cha-charm and crushed cookies, white chocolate and vanilla ice cream.. I do have to say that it didn't wow me but I would probably like to have a try at their other shakes next time I do go for another visit..

Flat White, Fondue for Two & Cookie Cha Cha Shake
Bought a "Fondue for Two" which I did like but was however dissapointed that the fact that they did not have a candle underneath the melted chocolate.. which was not good at all seeing that it was still winter and the melted chocolate would freeze up easily... Asked the waiter for a candle and they simply replied saying that they don't have any...

Melted chocolate
Though the melted chocolate fondue was good, it was a different type of chocolate when compared to 'Max Brenner' but I might have to say that I prefer 'Max Brenner's chocolate fondue due to the lack of candle..

The Fondue for two had a dreamy, moulton melt of chocolate with mini churros, choc brownie, marshmallows and seasonal fruits.. the fruits (banana and strawberries) were a good choice, the choc brownie, marshmallows and the mini churros were as well.. 

what was included in the fondue for two
Though I did not really agree upon the popcorn and the crushed peanuts for fondue.. I know that you would have to dip and mix around and that, but it didn't seem to help seeing that you cannot poke through a popcorn as it seemed as if it was caramelized, and the peanuts, you too can't poke it through but would have to dip the others in first then dip it into the peanuts after...

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