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Ikea Restaurant and Cafe, Springwood

September 30, 2013

Who doesn't know the legendary meatballs that's served in Ikea? Well.. if you haven't then it' probably a must if you want to try the Swedish meatballs.. I know for those northsiders, it would be like basically a drive from one end to the other end, but hey, if you're on your way to gold coast maybe or maybe going to Ikea, you could try their meatballs or other food and desserts that they offer... Oh, and did I say they also have $2.99 Big breakfast?

Ordered their Swedish meatballs (sml: $6.99, med: $8.99, lrg: $10.99) which included a serve of whichever size you choose served with mashed potato with creamy sauce and ligonberry sauce... I really liked this because the meatballs wasn't hard and it was moist in the inside and when you eat the meatballs and the mashed potato together with the sauce, it just somehow melts in your mouth.. the mashed potato and the creamy sauce blended in well which made the mashed potato mushy and i like it that way too.. the ligonberry jam was something different but I guess it's just a swedish tradition and it also was well combined with the other condiments...

 Oven baked fish and chips ($6.99), basically what it says with carrots and peas.. It was okay but nothing special.. the chips seemed abit cold or maybe it's just been there unserved in steel pan in the glass section... The fish was just okay, basically it was just normal... 

Their menu ranges from breakfast menu to desserts (cakes, cinammon rolls etc), lasagne, salads, lamb skewers with cous cous, salmon fillet, pumpkin canneloni, vegetarian wrap etc and drinks (coffee, soft drinks)... oh and they also have kids menu..

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