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Kitchen at Treasury, Treasury Casino, Brisbane CBD

September 29, 2013

Kitchen at Treasury is located at their lower ground level which I think used to be another restaurant before and as Cafe 21 which is now Fat Noodle, it seems that the old Cafe 21 has been renewed and put down a floor and been given a new name, Kitchen at Treasury.. Menu has changed and atmosphere as well has changed... Thought I would give it a try so I came for brekky here at like dunno when.. around 9-am-ish maybe..

When you walk into the restaurant, you'll be walking through their high seating tables and their kitchen and wine collection..
Assorted cakes, breads, petit desserts and all are shelved neatly and can be seen as you walk through to your tables.. Simple layout with the pastries are placed on top of wooden boards.. 
Took awhile for the food to come out and the place was empty but not long after we started to dig in to our breakfast, people started to come in for brunch and that... Had their tea, croissant with butter and big breakfast..
Croissant ($4) and butter.. croissant was massive and was okay in taste, but I liked a crustier croissant.. croissant will always be a croissant and who doesn't like them?
Ordered their Big Breakfast ($19) and it consisted of two free range eggs to our liking (scrambled, poached, fried etc), pork sausage, crispy bacon, roasted tomato, rosti potatoes, grilled flat cap mushrooms with toast.. Their big breakfast includes a choice of juice, tea or coffee... Got their orange juice and it wasn't nothing special, just tasted normal.. not sure if it was freshly blended or from a bottle already..
Portion was large and I chose my eggs, poached and scrambled.. Poach is poach, and they poached it nicely, the scrambled eggs however didn't have much taste but it was well cooked as well as it was not as hard and still had their runny and moist bit in the middle of the eggs..
 The rosti potatoes could've been done better as it wasn't crispy nor was it as yummy.. I would've prefered my hashies more... the roast tomato and pork sausage was nice and so was their grilled mushroom.. The bacon however were not as crispy.. 
Kitchen at Treasury offers 24/7 dining with breakfast, lunch and dinner menu ranging from eggs benedict to congee, fish and chips to chipolte BBQ pork ribs, steaks to butter chicken, soup, salad, pasta, burgers and sandwiches... Wouldn't mind trying their mains next time for lunch.. 

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