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The Gunshop Cafe, West End, Brisbane

September 26, 2013

Gunshop cafe, one of the 'must-go' brekky places in Brisbane that everyone would definitely agree on.. located in a heritage building in West End, bookings are accepted for lunch and dinner and both indoor and outdoor seatings are available..

Biscuits, tarts, flans, nibbles to choose from if you want some nibbles to side with your coffee or tea..
Breakfast menu ranges from light dishes (jam and toast, fruit toast, muesli etc), their classic dishes which has a few interesting dishes including toulouse sausage, sweet potato and onion hash cakes.. smoked bacon and eggs.. potato & feta hash cakes.. their 'new' dishes, smoked salmon.. spanish chorizo omelette.. lamb cutlets.. black pudding and so on.. so many varieties to choose from, and they're all not so breakky typical with different and unique combination of breakfast dishes..
Ordered their Canadian brioche french toast with double smoked bacon, caramelised bananas, candied pecans and maple syrup ($18.5).. The combination of the bacon and french toast was the one that got to me and that was why we chose it.. and I'm glad we did..
The french toast had enough egg mix to cover the whole brioche, it wasn't dry nor was it tasteless but the soft brioche french toast was well made and the blend of the caramelised bananas and candied pecans gave it that extra oomph... the maple syrup was an adequate amount with the whole dish.. I usually like my french toast with simply by itself or with just strawberries but this really made me like my french toast with bacon and bananas..
We also ordered their Tasmanian smoked salmon, poached eggs, traditional kettle boiled bagel, horseradish creme fraiche, capers and red onion ($18.5).. Anything with smoked salmon will always be good and with the bagel and creme fraiche, what could be better than that...
This dish reminded me of the eggs benny but it's with bagel and without the hollandaise sauce.. But this definitely got me, the salmon and the poached eggs was nice with the bagel and the bagel was not dry nor was it hard.. it was soft and moist and I liked that in a bagel, easy to chew, cut through, knife through instead of having to bite it and it's a bit dry or so...
I'm glad that the two dishes chosen was yummy and was nicely presented too.. Saw the hash cakes and would probably give that a try next time.. or maybe their black pudding.. well, it all depends what I'll feel like when I come back...
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