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Phuc Deli, Indooroopilly, Brisbane

September 01, 2013

May I start off by apologizing for the very late post of this review since my harddrive have gone kaboom on me, it took a while (more than a while..) to get it fix.. and so here I am, back again.. with my overdue photos and posts that I should've done ages ago.. Anyway, let's get right on to it.. 

Phuc Deli is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Westfield Indooroopilly Food court.. To be honest, I haven't actually noticed it before and maybe that's because I only go to uni around this side of Brissy but not too much stepping into Indro.. so, I was quite excited and eager to try this Phuc Deli Viet when i was invited here for lunch.. 

 People would usually get their Viet fetish moments off at southside and I'm probably one of them too, but if you're lazy to drive to southside or around this area, then this place is a must-try.. Why go so far just for Viet when you can have yummy viet food here..? Yes, if you look at the price of the Pho or their Salads etc, it might be exxy to some, but you wouldn't think about the price after trying it.. Yes, there are cheap viet restaurants but this place definitely will kick your taste buds and you'll know the difference between the ever so much msg viet food and the actual real vietnamese traditional food that's being offered here..
 It's always interesting to know that each restaurants or the head chef of the restaurant has a history behind it and not just another restaurant that's there or has just opened.. Head chef Johnny is behind this wonderful vietnamese restaurant and its dishes and why its authenticity brings it back to his history when he fist arrived in Australia as a refugee and worked dilligently and hardworkingly throughout his life.. He has worked in different restaurants before and has achieved further experience since then. He then opened up this Vietnamese restaurant which is next to Pig 'n' Whistle. Along with opening this restaurant, he has brought his knowledge and skills with him and also his history and his mother country's taste into Australia.. Back then, there weren't that many Viet restaurants in Brisbane so you might say that Johnny was one of the ones who did open up a Viet restaurant.. And everyone knows, if you can survive opening a restaurant for how many whatsoever long, then it must definitely be good.
Ordered 2 drinks while waiting for the dishes to come out.. There's a drink menu on the side of the counter where you can choose from a variety of different types of drinks that'll suit your tastebuds..
Viet Salad & Viet Rice rolls
 And here comes the food, not long after chit-chatting and sipping from the cool icy drink.. 'Prawn Viet rice rolls' ($9.2) and it comes served with a peanuty hoisin sauce.. I love my hoisin sauce but before tucking into the rice rolls, I couldn't help but to take photos of it..
 If you've tried rice paper rolls sometimes in sunnybank, you would get sloppy or selfishly portioned meats inside.. Well, this I have to say, the brightness of the prawns and the texture and balance of the rice noodles, vegetables and the prawn.. especially after taking a bite when dipping it into the hoisin sauce..
 Second up was the Viet Salad.. Had the 'Grilled Caramelized Pork' Viet salad ($14.5) and it is a mixture of the pork placed on top of a warm salad, red onions, cucumber, fresh mint with a hint of chilli, carrots with lemon and fish sauce dressing and topped with crushed peanuts.. A healthy dish when compared to the usual typical oily asian dishes...
 The peanuts and the mint was what I like about viet dishes, they would always have it and it always adds that extra flavour to the dish.. The sauce was also mixed well and was not too sour or too salty or sweet, and was just the right amount of sauce needed.. I'm a saucy person so if it didn't have much sauce to begin with, I would definitely be asking for more..
I was quite scared if the pork would be too dry or hard to chew but maybe it's because it's been grilled so the look of it made me feel like that.. But after mixing it all and taking a bite, it was marinated well, and was easier to chew.. It blended in well with all the variety of the salad..
Now, the Pho.. Johnny's signature Beef Pho ($14.9) that he has managed to perfect the flavour and I've been told that the soup broth has been cooked for more than 12 hours which is definitely a surprise.. I wonder who bothers to wait for that long for just a broth, but I guess I found someone who does and it did give him justice in the flavour of the Pho broth.. The broth contains natural beef stock and spices.. Beef was tender and lean and still had their bit of redness which I love keeping it not fully cooked..
Pho will not be Pho without the sides of fresh mint, bean sprouts, lemon and chopped chillies.. Although I may be asian, I am not good at spicy food.. Maybe the only one in the family who can't handle very spicy food.. So i omitted that but chucked everything in the Pho and mixed it to blend in the flavour well..  
Yes, it might be quite expensive and definitely more expensive than the other Phos I have tried before in sunnybank or west end or wherever it may be.. But I understand why it might be more expensive, because of the time and the hardwork and the love that has been put into producing a dish which everyone would enjoy when they tuck into it.. I also like adding hoisin sauce into my pho and mix it, especially if i dip the beef into the hoisin sauce and slurp the soup and noodle together.. just delicious.. But this time, I ate Pho without adding the extra hoisin sauce and it tasted just as delicious.. I always add hoisin sauce when I eat Pho in other restaurants but here, I think I prefer it maybe without it because it already tastes good just as it is..
Definitely a must try.. Don't keep going to the same old sunnybank or southside for Viet food.. Here on the westside, there's a place where you can get your viet food.. 

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