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The Burrito Bar, Southbank, Brisbane

September 13, 2013

 Burrito Bar at Southbank near the Cineplex cinemas, i've always walked past it but never in it.. One day came in with a few mates to have some nibbles, a good time finaly for me to try their foods..
 Place is casual seatings with bright colours everywhere you look around with bright aqua and red stools, drink bottles display is also colourful..
 What got me interested was actually the cool skeleton, cloudy, random, what-the-heck graffiti wall on one of the sides of their bar..
 And that darth-vader lookalike on the cloud next to the candle head skeleton was pretty scarily cute for some reason..
 A mate of mine got himself their 'Abodo Achiote Chicken' burrito which has chicken cooked in achiote sauce, lime rice, savoury black beans, pico de gallo and cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla.. I think this was what it was.. What got me thinking was the 'salad' which was on the side of the burritos.. everyone in the table was thinking the same as in 'are you kidding?' kinda look.. Since basicaly the greens you get on the plate only consists of a few shreds of greens and maybe 2 red cabbage shreds and thats pretty much it.. I mean, it would have been better if they actually would give out more greens than this.. I know it's a fast food joint but... ye..
 The rest of us weren't so hungry so we decided to share Nacho Fries.. My friend and I got their Nacho Fries with slow cooked beef.. Their nacho fries had mexican fries topped with your choice of meat (slow cooked beef, pulled pork, achiote chicken, fajita veggie mix), topped with cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole..
Some of us just had water to drink, some tried their Jarritos while I had my Dos Equis beer.. I've never actually tried this beer and it was a good night to try both mexican friesies and beer.. I felt that the beer crispy which was not too bad since I like dry and crisp beers.. The jarritos weren't too bad and I preferred the Guava jarritos when I tried them..

 Overall, it was actually quite filling and it was hard to finish or maybe it was because we weren't in a big appetite kinda mood.. The blend of the guacamole and sour cream always goes well.. and Nacho fries was something different than your typical nachos with corn chips.. and the so-called mexican fries, were just basically shoestring fries i'm guessing...
 Two of our other mates bought the 'pulled pork' version and to be honest, I first did want the pulled pork but I was glad we got ourselves the slow cooked beef as I ended up liking that better than the pork.. I did give the pulled pork nacho fries a try but I found that the pulled pork was abit dry to my liking and I had to dip it in the sauce and mix it all with the other condiments.. Whilst with the slow cooked beef, it was nice and tender..
 Excuse the half-eaten pulled pork nacho fries, they digged right into it before I could take a piccie..
I wouldn't mind trying more mexican food around here since nowadays a bucket loads of new mexican restaurants and spanish restaurants has been opening up..
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