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Sweet Dessert Shop, Market Square, Sunnybank

September 18, 2013

Was craving for some asian dessert in the middle of the night and decided to try out 'Sweet Dessert' shop located in Market Square in Sunnybank.. It's between that BBQ Temt and Tea Etc.. Near the Gelato place... It's pretty small but their front door is basically filled with posters and menu photos.. To be honest, doesn't look eye-catching to go in, but ye..
Had the shaved ice with 3 colour mix.. not too sure what they called it there.. so you get your shaved ice and you can choose amongst a variety of different toppings basically... there's like mochi, beans, grass jelly, peanuts and all the other asian dessert toppings you could think of.. Kinda reminded me of like Meet Fresh but not as big nor as eye-catching.. But ye, portion wise was good and we bought two different desserts, one was the shaved ice with the 3 toppings (we chose green mung beans and red beans and peanuts).. Simple but yummy.. and then we also got the gingerish mochi soup.. 

Okay... from when I was young, I knew ginger was good for you, even in my home country, there's a ginger drink called "Jahe Wangi" and all that jizz but, I'm not a massive fan.. It does help with stomachache or headache and that thought for some reason... But we chose it coz it's been awhile since we had it and I liked the mochis.. despite the soup.. but it was quite a cool night so the gingerish warm hot soup was a nice way to warm ourselves down.. the mochis were good as well, they had about 5 in one serving which I think is really good and not selfishly put like as in just 2 or so.. 

Wouldn't mind coming back here and trying their other desserts.. 

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