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J-Shinsen Sushi & Japanese Cuisine, Indooroopilly, Brisbane

September 06, 2013

 Never tried eating at a sushi train at Indro so gave it a try when I saw this little sushi train "J-Shinsen"... Opposite where Pig 'n' Whistle is in the food court and was quite empty when we came in but had more diners as soon as lunchtime hits..

Place was quite small for a sushi train, seatings were just tables against the sushi train..
Each table has its usual ginger, wasabi and soy sauce plate..
Tried a variety of different sushis and some which I've kind of forgotten the name of..
Above was I think the squid and green caviar mixed with some sort of japanese tartare or mayo sauce..
Their sashimi rice which includes salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and scallop.. Sided with ginger, radish, wasabi and slices of omelette. For portion, it was not too bad and their sashimi slices weren't selfish as such.
This plate was the plate that caught my eye as it was basically sticky rice with sesame seed made into some sort of sushi which consisted of tuna and cucumber..
Then tried something which I wasn't too sure of what it was inside but turned out to be some sort of custard filled pastry topped with sesame seeds.. It was not too bad but it was already cold when I ate it which I think was suppose to be abit warmer than how it was..

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