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Bistro One Eleven, Eagle St, Brisbane CBD

October 03, 2013

I am aware that Bistro One Eleven has just recently released a new menu.. and this might be a little late but these food that's in this post are from their old menu... Since I haven't had time to review them and had trouble locating these photos, I finally found them, and what the heck, I'll just post about them anyway, regardless their old or new menu.. So here it goes..
For starters, you are given a selection of breads to choose from whilst you choose what you want to eat or if you're a fast chooser then this could've been your entree as well.. Butter was also given.. The breads given were soft inside and the crust was not too hard which is good..
If you've always wondered what that spiderman web building is when you walk around the city at night and you always see this wonderful lights surrounding a building, well, it's the Triple One building in Eagle St.. Across the story bridge when you're driving, it's also visible... One of the creative buildings you will find around in the CBD I reckon.. Brisbane have grown so much over the years, but I think they should produce more high rises in the CBD area, all cities has its own uniqueness, but so far, Syd and Melb is beating us by far by buildings and creativity in the CBD area and its surroundings..

The food finally arrives and it was quite quiet in the restaurant so the food didn't take long to arrive, however, it started getting really busy as it was lunchtime and we came before 12ish.. Presentation of dishes were nicely presented which I liked.. I like how simple dishes can be presented in such a manner where you just want to dig in straight away..
First up, we tried their 'Scotch Duck Egg with curried mayonnaise' ($9).. now in the new menu, this curried mayo has been replaced with herb mayo... both sounds wonderful as I like mayo and especially those fusionised mayos..
Curried mayo is something that is not usual nor typically found in restaurants so I found this very different and made me eager to try... You could still see the little particles of the curry within the mayo which I liked very much.. It was smooth in texture and surprisingly delicious.. Who would have thought there would be such things such as a curry mayo...
The scotch duck egg was crumbed well with sea salt flakes on top to give it that little touch.. For those of you who are not familiar with Scotch eggs originated from the UK and it is just hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked.. In the UK, it is also available in wrapped packaged sold in supermarkets, corner shops etc. and they could also be considered picnic foods.. 
When I cut through the middle of the scotch egg, you could then see the meat that surrounds the egg and surprisingly, the egg is just how I like it.. It is not fully boiled and still has that gooey texture and colour which made me more excited to try... The sausage meat seemed to be combined with some greens and the bread crumbs were not a thick batter which is good..
Next was the 'Wagyu Carpaccio with buffalo mozarella, olive, artichoke pesto' ($19).. I have made carpaccio before when I used to work in an Italian restaurant.. But it was much more simpler and a simpler dish than this...
The greens accompanied the dish well, but it was more of the mozarella and the artichoke and olive pesto which hitted it well together... The wagyu was sliced very thinly and was presented elegantly on the plate..
The mozarella and the other condiments was just the right amount for this dish and so was the pesto.. The buffalo mozarella has that chewy texture and the pesto had a grainy feel from the artichoke which blended in well together when eaten with the carpaccio..
Finally, 'Wagyu Bresaola with brioche and horseradish cream' ($16)..
 The Brioche is the cutest Brioche I have ever seen... It is so petit that it was just too adorable.. You could even see the brioche shape and not just a typical bread shape... The horseradish cream was lovely and blended in well with the wagyu and the brioche... 
The wagyu bresaola was quite unique in both texture and taste... Bresaola is air-dried beef, salted beef which has been aged for a few months to give it that dark red colour and sometimes could turn purplish..
It was nicely touched by oil and cracked pepper.. The meat was tender and lean and had this distinct smell about it, can't really explain what...
Will visit here again to try their new menu when I have the time to do so...

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