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Sushi Train, Aspley, Brisbane

October 09, 2013

Suddenly felt like sushi one arvo, and instead of going to the usual, Chermside, decided to try out Aspley.. Interior was designed nicely and there's usually a queue at nights, so try and avoid it if you're not the type to wait.. I remember coming here at night and a huge line was infront so we ended up going somewhere else..

'Aburi Salmon' ($4.5), I love their Aburi ranges.. It's slightly grilled with still that moist texture of the meat/fish when you bite through it.. It just simply melts in your mouth.. There's a few different aburi sushis, scallop, roast pork, wagyu, ebi & cheese and their volcano roll..

Ever since they released those so-called 'mini-udons' ($4), I've just been getting them when coming to Sushi train since it's enough for me and when you want to also pick out on the sushi from the sushi train, the next thing you know, that mini-dish is just enough for your tummy because you're just full when you start walking away..
The udon also comes with a side of karaage chicken or vegetable tempura and more.. If you want the side to be put aside instead of being put on top of the udon, just simply tell the waiter..
The Karaage Chicken was crispy on the outside and the chicken was moist and not dry inside, goes nicely with the udon as well.. I also like karaage chicken on warm rice with mayo too..
'Softshell Crab' ($5.5).. Always a favourite of mine, in sushis, on warm rice or just by itself.. Garnished with a slice of lemon, tomato and bit of greens and a squirt of mayo.. The sauce could be more than what was given because you would have to ask for more if you're the type that would just dip your food into the sauce straight away (meaning that the whole little squirt of sauce would just be into your mouth in a second.. ahahah)
The soft shell crab is definitely my favourite of today out of the 3 dishes... the batter was thin and was perfect with the crab.. full of meat and I really liked the middle and crunchiness mixed with the softness of its legs..

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