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Max Brenner, Portside Wharf, Brisbane

October 05, 2013

Max Brenner.. some may say it's old news as there's now much more dessert places to go to that may or may not be better... Max Brenner is more busier and convenient in South Bank, yes.. I can agree.. But if you don't like the massive line up or maybe just want to avoid the usual massive line up in South Bank, then maybe you could try a different atmosphere... Portside is surrounded by delicious restaurants and especially, it's got a wharf.. (duhh..) which is pretty during the evening...
Max Brenner also specialises and sells chocolates, and their mugs and fondue set and that... If you ever want to give your friend a chocolatey gift of some sort, I'm pretty sure you can find whatever it is you want here... You can choose your own little chocolates or you can buy the already-packed ones..
They have some of their food out in the counter as well such as brownies, waffles, banana breads and so on..
Flat white ($3.6) was nicely presented however it was abit runny..
One of the many items that most people come here for is their fondue.. some may come for their waffles or their crepes, or maybe their chocolate pizza or sundaes... Chocolate Fondue for Two ($19) includes pure melted dark and milk chocolate served with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and banana bread..
Everytime I see their fondue sets, I've always thought that the melted chocolate seemed so little, you could finish it all up in a short time.. but I guess, I was proved wrong.. When I do come to Max Brenner, the amount of time spent waiting in line just makes you full or hungrier... But it's always the crepes or the waffles or just the hot chocolate that gets me.. I have tried their fondue in Southbank which I've blogged about it previously.. but, here's the fondue from Max Brenner, just in a different location..
The melted chocolate is more than what you could possibly finish, unless that is, you're a true chocoholic until you'll just try and finish until you can see an empty fondue bowl.. Or.. maybe you would just double dip, triple dip, annnd... trying to get as much chocolate onto your accompaniments heheh..
I preferred the dark chocolate better than the milk chocolate... I like the milk chocolate too but the I felt that the dark was a good combination when dipped with the banana bread and the strawberries especially... The portion of the banana bread, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows were seperated into two different bowls... and you also get the long thin pick to use it for them if you don't want to get your hands dirty..
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