Gallery One Cafe, Westfield Carindale, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Gallery One Cafe, Westfield Carindale, Brisbane

October 07, 2013

Gallery One with its unique interior designed, seats too.. Italian food, coffee or dessert, breakfast, lunch.. they have it all here... Came here for coffee and cakes one afternoon after lunch..
Flat White ($4)

Tea (Traditional: $4, Herbal & Premium Blends: $4.5), nicely set with a separate milk bottle and they don't use teabags which I like in coffee shops.. They use real tea leaves which you have to sift into your mug.. I don't really like how some restaurants use teabags when you order tea... If it's teabags, I could just get them and make tea at home instead of going out to have one..
Almond Cornetto ($6.5) was nicely presented but it lacked the almond taste for me as maybe there weren't enough almond meal in the mixture or so.. The almond and chocolate on top of the croissant was nice but it wasn't as moist nor almondy or as yummy as I thought it would be..
Pistachio Panna Cotta, a special they had in for the day... accompanied by raspberry and coulis with the chocolate and pistachio crumble... The pistachio panna cotta was not too bad, the texture of the pistachio and the taste of the pistachio was nicely blended and nicely made into a panna cotta.. I quite liked it.. The touch of the crumble and the raspberry was nice as well.. Although, the chocolate was already hardened on the plate, you weren't really able to eat it so it was just basically a decoration..
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