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New Shanghai, Queens Plaza, Brisbane CBD

October 10, 2013

A revisit to New Shanghai with friends of mine who were ex-brisbaners that now lives in Sydney.. They both came here for the weekend and wanted to catch up with a few friends.. Met with them for lunch and went to New Shanghai in Queens Plaza in the city..
The last time I came here, I had the dissapointment of many dishes being sold out or not available, so I hope that this time would be a better experience than before.. Since none of us were that hungry, we just decided to get a noodle dish and the dumplings and buns..
'Shanghai noodle' stir fried with shredded pork and vegetables.. It had a dark soy sauce based and it had the right amount of sauce, the shredded pork and vegetables was a good mix with the noodles.. It was a simple dish and accompanied the buns well and also by the time, the three of us kept eating and talking, we already felt full without all of 3 dishes fully eaten..
'New Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Bun'.. pork filled bun pan fried at the bottom which you can see the golden brown colour bottom and topped with black sesame seeds.. One portion is 8 buns.. Apparently yeast has been used to give the pastry that springy softness, and yes it was soft and not dry... Filled with tasty soup and juicy pork, it's one of the restaurant's signature dishes..
'New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao'.. steamed mini pork bun.. Siky skin sealed with a gingery sweet and salty broth and pork filling.. It's suppose to burst out with flavour, well I guess that is true as everyone knows Xiao Long Bao gives you that soupy pork feeling in your mouth once you bite it..
Though it's not a good idea to bite it as you'll then lose that soup inside.. Some sticked onto the baking paper which made the bun crack and lose that soup, so you do have to try and get it off the baking paper carefully... Apparently from my friend's verdict, as she is from China herself, it lacked the soup and it was just okay.. but nothing special..
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