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Burger Urge, UQ, St Lucia, Brisbane

October 27, 2013

With so many burger joints hitting up in Brisbane, no surprise there when Brisbane's burger chain hits the market and I've walked past it so many times during uni but never had the chance to try it.. Though I have tried their chips and sweet potato chips, but never had the time to sit down and try their burgers.. With 5 locations around, Fortitude Valley, QUT Gardens Point, QUT Kelvin Grove, UQ St Lucia and West End, they've hit the major spots for those tummy grumblers out there.. So decided to try it one day when he was back in town and made him come with me to uni, grabbed a bite at Burger Urge at UQ during my break..
Had the 'German' Burger in at the time to promote Oktoberfest but we decided to try their normal burgers instead of their limited burgers.. Wasn't sure of which to try but we ended up getting a beef and a chicken.. At first I was thinking of lamb but changed my mind.. First up was the 'Hawaii Six-O' ($11.9) which caught our attention when we saw the poster of it hanging on the wall, and then saw another on their menu pamphlet..
It had succulent marinated chicken breast, wasabi lime mayo, sliced pineapple, chilli sauce, lettuce, tomato and whole egg mayo.. Ordered the burger on a white bun which I found bit hard and crusty on the outside, and was not as soft on the inside.. The combination of the chicken and pineapple with the sauce blended in well, but I didn't find it wow or anything extra ordinary.. The wasabi lime mayo was definitely different and I quite liked it but since I'm not a spicy type, I found it to be abit spicy since it also had chilli sauce too..
To make it a meal, you could just simply add an extra $5 to get yourself a small side and drink.. However, if you wanted to get a side of either a sweet potato chips or the tempura onion rings, I think you would have to add an extra 50cents or a $1.. not too sure..
 Been a big fan of onion rings, so couldn't try the place without trying their onion rings.. Added a small side of 'Tempura Onion Rings' ($4.9) with the burger and you could also get a large size too for $6.5.. but since we were tight with time and the burgers that were coming out seemed to be big enough, we thought the small would be enough..
I have to say, I haven't had onion rings for awhile now and these onion rings definitely made me want more, big thick cut onions battered in tempura mix, crunchy on the outside and the drizzled of the herby salt which gave it a nice touch.. We also ordered their 'Sweet Chilli mayo' ($0.9) for the dipping sauce which was quite nice as well with the onion rings..
'New Yorker' ($12.9) was their beef burger which had prime Aussie beef, american style cheese, pickles, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and smoke BBQ sauce.. I preferred the beef burger compared to their chicken burger.. We also ordered a side of sweet potato chips ($4.9)...
The sweet potato chips was presented nicely and looked liked it was the right colour and you could see that the batter was quite thin and was dusted in this spicy seasoning or some sort which made it different to your normal everyday chips.. Although sweet potato chips seems or may sound to be a lot healthier, whether they're normal potato or sweet potato, they're both fried anyway.. These also nicely went with the sweet chilli mayo that we got and we both enjoyed the sweet potato chips as well...
I really thought that the beef patty was nice and was moist, not dry and didn't have lack of taste.. I preferred the beef burger instead of the chicken burger and next time, will try their other burgers as they have a wide variety of burgers, you can't just choose one.. The wholemeal bun wasn't soft either but when compared with the white bun, the white bun was softer.. Eating both burgers turned out to be messy, but who doesn't eat messy when eating burgers... No problems with the portion but maybe the price may make people think twice on buying especially in uni since of the other food competitions..
* my name is Food received a $30 voucher from Burger Urge and Publicity Depot which was used partly for this meal.

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